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ViaconsPrefabricated Buildings


Everen Mahallasi, kocman cad.
No; 14/31 Bagcilar, Istanbul, Turkey

Company Highlights

VIACONS was established on October 10th of 2016 in Istanbul Province as a joint stock company under the Turkish Trading Laws & Regulations, with a manufacturing facility in Çorlu, Tekirdağ.

VIACONS offers a new technology in the field of full-service construction solutions with a solid foundation on excellence, experience and knowledge.
Introducing this new technology in the industry, as VIACONS we have ingrained a high level of expertise into our business model, maintaining the best standards and procedures while employing innovative methods to achieve superior results.
Increasing construction costs and energy deficiency are the main triggering factors behind the development of the VIACONS building methodology.

The VIACONS construction model tends to:

  • Prevent undesirable environmental effects by utilizing breakthrough insulation methods
  • Reengineer the cost/utility ratio of existing construction materials in term of weight, heat and sound insulation
  • Develop current traditional building techniques in such a way that accelerates construction delivery and thus real estate turnover rate
  • Save energy
  • Lower construction-related environmental pollution and noise
  • Improve efficiency and maximize the utilization rate of the bricks by utilizing only 10 % of the brick thickness while keeping 100 % of the concrete strength

VIACON’s vision is to be a leader – the customer’s first choice – in construction in its home markets & to become a global player in the sector, to create prestigious projects for tomorrow’s world of business, to be known externally for quality, integrity and resourcefulness, and internally for profitability and employee satisfaction.

We aim to provide an adaptable, customized, durable contemporary precast construction system to our customers who are looking for advanced durable high-tech buildings and homes, in addition to recruiting, training and developing the best in class employees in an equal and transparent culture that creates a workplace to be happy to work in, with people you love to work with, and to grow the best return on investment for shareholders.

Viacons Projects

Kocaeli İzmit (Uptown)

Turkey Revalue announced the pre launch for it's latest projects in Kocaeli İzmit (Uptown) laying on the top of the lovely mountains looking over the magnificent landscape is the 13000 m2 compound with 28 uniquely designed villas creating a private community with all the needed facilities for your getaway home.