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REVALUE GlobalReal Estate Management


Everen Mahallasi, kocman cad.
No; 14/31 Bagcilar, Istanbul, Turkey

Company Highlights

The idea of RE/VALUE Real Estate Marketing emerged from a group of businessmen who have a huge network of relations within USA, Europe and the Arab World. The gathered and incorporated one entity with one goal:

to make horizontal expansion of real estate marketing with a professionalism based on their experiences and relations, research and professional development.

RE/VALUE is the link between real estate investment corporations and the end- customer in Turkey, Bosnia and the Arab world because it has offices in several country working together in a global organization to serve the end-buyer everywhere.

Revalue Projects

Kocaeli İzmit (Uptown)

Turkey Revalue announced the pre launch for it's latest projects in Kocaeli İzmit (Uptown) laying on the top of the lovely mountains looking over the magnificent landscape is the 13000 m2 compound with 28 uniquely designed villas creating a private community with all the needed facilities for your getaway home.