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Global BusinessExporting & Importing


Everen Mahallasi, kocman cad.
No; 14/31 Bagcilar, Istanbul, Turkey

Company Highlights

Who We Are
Global Business LTD established in 2015 in Tanzania Market and extended in Kenya market after 2 years, we are looking to be a leader in the field of distributing in Africa Market (Tanzania – Kenya) during the next five years.
What We Sell
Global Business offers consumer products such as (diapers - insecticides ...... etc.)
Who We Sell To
The company targets:
1- Distributors & traders (Small – medium – large).

Company overview
Our first step was in Tanzania in the middle of 2015, through this 3 years we studied the market of Tanzania and Kenya very well, enhanced our distribution channels and also our staff, we were able to penetrate the market with our brands in a very short time, and we can introduce Global Business in numbers:

  • More than 100 employees
  • 7 Department (Management - Sales – Marketing – Accounting – HR - purchasing - Supply chain)
  • 4 Countries (Tanzania – Kenya – Turkey- Egypt)
  • 5 Nationalities (Egyptians- Tanzanian – Kenyan- Somalian – Turkish)
  • 6 Locations (Cairo – Zanzibar – Dar Es Salam – Mombasa – Nairobi- Istanbul)
  • 4 main stores (Zanzibar – Dar Es Salam – Mombasa – Nairobi)
  • 60+ Sales Forces
  • 50 Products in cosmetics (Predo – Expido – Slippapy – Milady- ... etc.)
  • Distribution in more than 100 Container
  • More than 2500 Customer

Global Business Products


Kenya Revalue announced the pre launch for it's latest projects in Kocaeli İzmit (Uptown) laying on the top of the lovely mountains looking over the magnificent landscape is the 13000 m2 compound with 28 uniquely designed villas creating a private community with all the needed facilities for your getaway home.